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  • What OS is supported?
    You can run the Metaverse on WIN and Mac OS If you have any issues, feel free to contact us.
  • How to enter the Metaverse?
    To discover TRIION Metaverse you need to download the official launcher: After the installation process you can run the Metaverse and login with credentials of the supported casino.
  • How I can know that my casino is supported?
    In the Login menu you will see the list of available Casinos login methods.
  • How I can be sure that it's safe to deposit money through the Metaverse
    We are not providing any payment solutions, all deposits/withdrawing goes directly through your casino provider via API connection.
  • How I can deposit money?
    The in-game interface will allow you to deposit money through the payment provider of your casino.
  • Can I use crypto instead of FIAT money ?
    You can use any currency / type of money which are supported by your casino/games provider.
  • What are the options for casinos?
    In the TRIION Metaverse you will be able to rent any amount of tables in the Main Hall or create your own Private Studio. MAIN HALL Any casino provider is able to rent a table in the Main Hall. People from different casinos won't be able to play on each others tables to avoid sharing of clients, but will be able to see each other as avatars. PRIVATE STUDIO Any casino provider is able to create his own private studio for his player. Private studio includes the branding of tables and cards. All assets of private studio are customizable.
  • How does it work?
    CASINO Since you are connected to the Metaverse as a casino games provider you will be able to download a launcher which will allow you to control tables/games and allow your dealers to use live body tracking technology for dealing. PLAYER Just download the launcher, login with your casino credentials and enjoy the new casino ecosystem!
  • Can I have custom games in my casino's private studio?
    Yes, we can develop any type of existing and non-existing casino games for the Private studios.
  • What equipment should I have as a casino to join?
    To provide games in the TRIION Metaverse it is enough to have a standard casino setup: a table, DSLR/Mirrorless camera of any brand/model and our launcher installed.
  • How can I add my casino into the Metaverse?
    If you are interested to be a part of the TRIION Metaverse, you can contact us via email or website chat.
  • Can I post the advertisement of my brand in the Metaverse?
    If you are not a Casino provider and not using our Metaverse you can still be highlighted in our Metaverse. We have a space in the Lobby (Spawn point of players) Where we are able to add banners / 3D animations. To proceed, please contact us via email, after reviewing of your request one of our representatives will contact you.

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