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Installation guide for MacOS: 


- Step 1: Download the game from our website.

- Step 2: Extract the archive (to a folder of your choosing) 

- Step 3: You will see 2 files (Whisky and TRIION Gaming Installer) - Install Whisky and just click next on all steps.

- Step4: Making your first bottle

  1. Press the plus button in the top right-hand corner

  2. Give your bottle a name, and select the Windows version you want

  3. Hit Create and wait a few seconds. When your bottle is ready, it'll appear in the list on the left-hand side

- Step 5: In Whisky click ''Run'' and choose ''TRIION Gaming installer'' in the open window.

- Step 6: Follow the installation steps.

- Step 7: After the installation is done, you will see the game icon in your Whisky app (See pictures attached)


- NOTE: (If you see this image when you open the game, just click "NO" to skip it)

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